Summer Camps - Mississauga West - Clubhouse at Tom Chater Park


  • Summer Camps Mississauga


    Camps will be held at the Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association Clubhouse located at 3195 The Collegeway in Mississauga.

  • Day Camps Mississauga

    Camp Dates

    We will be running camps from July 4th to September 1st, 2023.

  • Lego Robotics Camps Mississauga


    Registration is now open. Scroll down to see the Camp and Outing Schedule.


  • STEM Camps Mississauga

    Camp Availability

    Number of spots available for each camp will be indicated during the registration process.


Camp Info

  • Camp Schedule & Outings

    You can find the Camp Schedule & Outings at the end of the page.

  • Camp Costs

    1 Full Week = $310 + tax (Short Weeks of Jul. 2-5 & Aug. 6-9 = $248 plus tax)

    If you register 2 or more siblings for the full week camp then a $20 discount will be applied to the second & 3rd child during registration.

    Specialty Camps:

          Ultimate Adventure Camp (Ages 9 to 12): $380 plus tax

  • Summer Camp Hours

    Camps will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with extended hours available.

  • Summer Camp Extended Hours

    Extended hours are available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The cost is $30.00 plus HST per child for the morning portion and $30.00 plus HST for the afternoon portion.


    Every Wednesday we take the kids on an outing by school bus. The outings for each week can be found on the Camp Schedule & Outings at the end of the page.

  • Pizza Fridays

    Every Friday a pizza & juice lunch is included. Kids will get 2 slices of cheese or pepperoni pizza. If your child has any dietary restrictions please enter it during registration.

  • Water Days

    On Fridays we will have onsite water days with water balloons and water guns.

  • New This Year for Kids New to Camp

    We have introduced a new program for kids that are new to camps or for younger kids that have difficulty in new environments. Each week we will have the same main teacher in selected camps. These camps are highlighted in yellow on the schedule at the end of the page. This way kids will have a familiar face each week and will have some of the same kids week to week much the same as in school.

  • What to Bring

    Kids should bring a lunch everyday except on Fridays, snacks (we have 1 morning and 1 afternoon snack break), a labelled water bottle, a hat and sunscreen. Our facility is nut free so please make sure lunches and snacks are nut free. They should arrive with sunscreen already applied. We will have the kids reapply sunscreen after lunch. Kids in the sports camp should wear running shoes. 

  • Email Information

    You will receive an email a week before each camp with drop off and pick instructions and specific information for that week 

  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to the first day of camp by email. An admin fee of $25 will apply for each week and each child cancelled. Changes in the camp dates can be made at any time with no fee providing there is space in the new week.

  • Camp Options

    1. STEM camp (Ages 4-5) (Ages 6-9)  
    2. Creative Crafts (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-11)
    3. Crafts/Stuff a Bear (Ages 4-6) - New!
    4. Outer Space Camp (Ages 4-6) - New!
    5. All About Dinosaurs (Ages 4-6) 
    6. Sports Development (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-10)
    7. Soccer (Ages 7-10) - New!
    8. Adventure Camp (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-11)
    9. Cake Decorating/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (Ages 8-12)
    10. Baking/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (8-12)
    11. Lego Robotics (Ages 5-6) (Ages 5-8) (Ages 7-9)  
    12. Lego Robotics/Coding (Ages 9-12)
    13. Cooking/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (Ages 8-12)
    14. Spa Science (Ages 6-11) 
    15. Sewing with a Machine (Ages 8-12)  
    16. Ultimate Adventure Camp (Ages 9-12) - New!

Camp Descriptions

STEM (Ages 4-5) (Ages 6-9)  

What is STEM? STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is everywhere today and in everything we do. It builds and teaches creativity, problem solving, life skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness, patience and curiosity. STEM is what shapes the future as our world grows and changes.

Ages 4 to 5 : For this age group, some of the projects include making a kaleidoscope, creating and launching a straw rocket, making a catapult and building a paddle boat that floats. Kids will also be introduced to coding using Blue-Bot, a bluetooth programmable floor robot.

Ages 6 to 9 : Kids will build a variety of projects including a playground, a catapult, a treehouse and a bridge. They will also do some science experiments such as erupting volcanoes and making elephant toothpaste. They will learn to code with block programming using Edison the robot.

Creative Crafts (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-11)

Campers will paint a beautiful ceramic piece which will be fired in our kiln, build clay pieces with polymer clay, paint t-shirts, create pearler bead designs, make clay pot and wood crafts many more.

Crafts/Stuff a Bear (Ages 4-6) - New! 

Campers will make a variety of crafts like paint a beautiful ceramic piece which will be fired in our kiln, build clay pieces with polymer clay, paint t-shirts, create pearler bead designs, make clay pot crafts and more. Kids will get to stuff their own teddy bear and take it home. They can choose between many options such as a unicorn, a dinosaur, a bear, a dog, a cat, a dragon, a koala, a fox and others.

Outer Space Camp (Ages 4-6) - New!

Kids will go on an adventure to outer space! They will spend the week learning about space, making space theme crafts, activities and experiments! Some of the activities include making a satellite, building a space shuttle, participate in astronaut training, making erupting moon rocks, making fizzy moon paint and much more!

All About Dinosaurs (Ages 4-6) 

Kids will learn about the different dinosaurs, go on a dinosaur dig to look for fossils, make a clay dinosaur, play dinosaur themed games and make dinosaur crafts.

Sports Development (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-10)

In this camp kids will explore different sports such as soccer, field hockey, badminton, basketball and disc golf.

Adventure Camp (Ages 4-6) (Ages 7-11)

This is a traditional camp with a variety of activities held mostly outdoors weather permitting. Kids will participate in thing like a scaventure hunt, outdoor games, drama, science, archery and geocaching.

Cake Decorating/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (Ages 8-12)

Campers will learn how to use the different tools for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. They will work with fondant and buttercream icing. 

Baking/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (Ages 8-12)

In this camp, kids will bake a variety of sweets and breads such as brownies, pretzels, muffins, apple crumble, focaccio bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies and more.

Sewing (Ages 8-12)  

Kids will learn to use a sewing machine. They will learn how to thread a machine and to wind a bobbin. They will sew many projects such as aprons, tote bags, beach bags, pyjama shorts, water bottle slings, animal stuffies, pillows and more.

Lego Robotics (Ages 5-6) (Ages 5-8) (Ages 7-9)

Using the newest robotic sets from Lego called Spike Essentials, kids can build from different themes (see below) and program their models to bring them to life!

Great Outdoor Adventures: Kids can build a boat, a snowmobile, a cave car, a submarine and more.

Amazing Amusement Park: Kids can build a spinning ferris wheel, a classic carrousel, a swing and twirling teacups. 

Happy Traveller: Kids can build a river ferry, a taxi, a cable car, a bus, a helicopter and more.

Crazy Carnival Games: In this theme, kids can build a pinball game, bowling game, mini golf and a high stick hockey game.

Quirky Creations: Build robots, a high tech playground, a trash monster machine and a soccer game.


Lego Robotics/Coding (Ages 9-12)

Using the newest Lego robotics called Spike Prime, kids will build various models using motors and sensors and will code them to move using a Scratch based programming platform. They can also learn to code in Python should they feel ready. Campers will build 21st-century skills like collaboration and critical thinking which helps them grow the confidence and resilience they need to thrive.

Cooking/Crafts (Ages 5-7) (Ages 8-12) 

Kids will prepare and cook a lunch each day except for Wednesday. 

Needlework Crafts (Ages 6-8) (Ages 8-12) - New!

In this camp kids will learn new skills using different needles to make beautiful crafts. They will learn to crochet, hand sew and how to do punch needle. 

Spa Science (Ages 6-11)  

In this camp, kids will make different soaps, bath bombs, lip balm, lip gloss, foot scrubs, facial masks and may other items.

Ultimate Adventure Camp (Ages 9-12) - New!

This new camp is for kids who are adventurous and like the outdoors. Everyday kids will board a bus and head out for an adventure. This is a very limited camp and is only offered for 1 week at only 3 locations. Because of the daily outings this camp is priced higher than the other camps at $410 plus tax. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Disc golf and swimming (Mississauga)

Tuesday: Treetop Trekking (Brampton) - During this 3 hour experience kids will be outfitted in a harness and helmet, as they climb, balance and zip their way through the forest canopy on games such as suspension bridges, Tarzan swings, balance logs and ziplines.

Wednesday: Wet 'n Wild Water Park (Brampton) - Regular weekly outing

Thursday: Adventure Village (Hamilton) - Outdoor laser tag, bumper cars, mini golf

Friday: Geocashing & hiking at Crawford Lake (Milton) 


Camp Schedule & Outings 2024

We take the kids on a field trip each week by school bus. The camps highlighted in yellow will have the same main teacher for all of them to help kids new to camps adapt a little easier knowing they will have a familiar face each week. This year's schedule:

  • Week 1 – July 2-5

    1. Creative Crafts (4-6)
    2. Adventure Camp (5-7)
    3. Lego Robotics (5-6)
    4. STEM (6-9)
    5. Sports Development (7-10)
    6. Adventure Camp (7-11)
    7. Creative Crafts (7-11)

    Outing: Adventure Village (Hamilton)

  • Week 2 – July 8-12

    1. STEM (4-5)
    2. Sports Development (5-7)
    3. Cake Decorating/Crafts (5-7)
    4. Spa Science (6-11)
    5. Lego Robotics (7-9)
    6. Cake Decorating/Crafts (8-12)
    7. STEM (9-12)

    Outing: African Lion Safari

  • Week 3 – July 15-19

    1. All About Dinosaurs (4-6)
    2. Adventure Camp (5-7)
    3. Cooking/Crafts (5-7)
    4. Lego Robotics (5-6)
    5. Adventure Camp (7-11) 
    6. Needlework Crafts (6-9)
    7. Cooking/Crafts (8-12)

    Outing:  High Park adventure playground, zoo, splash pad & pool (pool for 7+)

  • Week 4 – July 22-26     

    1. Adventure Camp (4-6)
    2. Baking/Crafts (5-7)
    3. Out of Space Camp (5-7)
    4. Lego Robotics (7-9)
    5. STEM (6-9)
    6. Baking/Crafts (8-12)
    7. Ultimate Adventure Camp (9-12)

    Outing: Wet 'n Wild (6 & up) or Splash Pad (4-5)

  • Week 5 – July 29 to Aug. 2

    1. Sports Development (4-6)
    2. Lego Robotics (5-6)
    3. Cooking/Crafts (5-7)
    4. Crafts/Stuff a Bear (5-7)
    5. Crafts (7-11)
    6. Adventure Camp (7-11)
    7. Cooking/Crafts (8-12)

    Outing: Playdium in Brampton

  • Week 6 – Aug 6-9

    1. Creative Crafts (4-6)
    2. Sports Development (5-7)
    3. Cake Decorating/Crafts (5-7)
    4. Lego Robotics (7-9)
    5. Sports (7-10)
    6. Cake Decorating/Crafts (8-12)
    7. Sewing (8-12) 

    Outing: Downey's Farm

  • Week 7 – Aug 12-16

    1. STEM (4-5)  
    2. Adventure Camp (5-7)
    3. Cooking/Crafts (5-7)
    4. Lego Robotics (5-6)
    5. Needleworks (6-9)
    6. Adventure Camp (7-11)
    7. Cooking/Crafts (8-12)

    Outing: Reptilia

  • Week 8 – Aug 19-23

    1. Crafts/Stuff a Bear (4-6)
    2. Sports Development (5-7)
    3. Baking/Crafts (5-7)
    4. STEM (6-9)
    5. Lego Robotics (7-9)
    6. Baking/Crafts (8-12)
    7. Lego Robotics (9-12)

    Outing: Ontario Science Center

  • Week 9 – Aug 26-30

    1. Adventure Camp (4-6)
    2. Creative Crafts (5-8)
    3. Cake Decorating/Craft (5-7)
    4. Lego Robotics (5-8)
    5. Spa (6-11)
    6. Sports (7-10)

    Outing: Movie Theater