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What’s In Store For Your Kids In LEGO Camps?

LEGO – most of us grew assembling and disassembling these toys. Some of us have been passionate about building pieces of LEGO to create a specific work of art. Now, that you have a kid of your own, you certainly will want to enhance his imagination simply by using this play partner. There are LEGO camps being held here and there but some of you may wonder why attend a camp when LEGO can simply be assembled at home. Want to know what is in store for your kids in this type of camp?

It helps them explore options


Basically a LEGO kit comes with some patterns that your kids can try to build on their own. If you think those patterns are enough to make your children learn the art of building then think again. If you want him to learn even more, LEGO camps are the answers. You can enrol your kids in such classes and realise that at the end of each session, they learn way beyond what you expect from them when it comes to building several things from several pieces of LEGO.

There are different classes in a LEGO camp

At home, your kids will just learn LEGO on their own although with some supervision from you. If they attend special camps made for this endeavour, they will be able to enjoy more since there are different classes given depending on their skills and their ages. There are LEGO Junior Robotics classes for those aged between 6 and 8 and there are also LEGO Robotics beginners for children ages 9 to 14. Lego Robotics Intermediate for kids aged 9 to 14 is also available. In all these classes, kids will be able to learn LEGO with kids between certain age groups. This will make them learn more as the classes go along.

Each class introduces them to new concepts of learning

As mentioned awhile back, there are different LEGO classes where your kids can enrol in. Junior Robotics classes introduce kids to the concept of LEGO robotics where they will build models that will eventually be plugged in a computer. For beginner LEGO Robotics classes, kids will start appreciating the LEGO NXT Brick, one LEGO variety that has motors and sensors. The intermediate classes for this one will teach the advanced skill of controlling the robot.

They can be teachers in these camps too

Imagine your kids sitting in the playroom inside your home whilst doing their own LEGO masterpieces? You can see the happiness in their faces when they do so and this is something you will surely be happy about. With no other person to interact with aside from you, playing can be a bore for them. Before you know it, they have kept their LEGO pieces inside their rooms for a long time.

Give them the chance to share time with others through LEGO camps. In this manner, they will see what other kids of their age will make during every activity. During the course of a class they will also be allowed to share their outputs with others, even become teachers to other kids who may have not followed fast with the instructions.

LEGO camps can be enjoyed all-year round

If you think LEGO camps are scheduled only during summers then you are wrong. Now, LEGO camps in Mississauga can be enjoyed even during the winter season. You simply have to check on the schedule we have posted on our website to see when your kids can start enjoying their LEGO camps with other children. The prices for each type of class are listed there as well. Feel free to talk to us if you have questions regarding our camps.

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