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What Should You Pack For A Kid Going For A Summer Camp In Mississauga?

Quite a number of items need to be packed when you are sending your kid off to summer camps in Mississauga. These things are extremely crucial parts of going to camp. However, for parents that are sending their children to summer camps for the first time, this all can be a little overwhelming, if not difficult. The last thing a parent wants is to send his or her kid to a summer camp and then keep worrying about if something of importance was forgotten.


Is your kid ready for extended stay in a camp?

Summer camps are mostly fun filled and suit kids of all ages. However, small kids typically start out going to day camps which are only a few miles from their home. But as they grow older, they may decide that they want to go to camps that offer extended stay, for example overnight camps. But the main question is whether your kid is ready for extended stay in an overnight camp.

Kids who have spent nights away from their home, for example with friends are normally good candidates for extended stay in summer camps. This is because they have already spent time away from their parents and thus are less likely to call home the day after the camp begins asking dad or mom to come and pick them up. You also need to know that each kid is an individual meaning that you will want to take their personality into consideration before sending him or her into a summer camp. But whichever the case, most kids don’t mind spending a few days away from their parents and mostly will enjoy their time out with others in a summer camp.

What needs to be packed?

The best way to have some peace of mind where summer camp packing is concerned is to prepare a functional list, and then follow it to the letter. This packing list needs to be broken up into six different sections that include clothing, footwear, beading, headgear, toiletries and miscellaneous items. Here, let’s have a brief explanation on each of these sections.


Clothing items that need to be packed for a child’s summer camping adventure include sweatpants, tank tops, at least one heavy jacket, swim suit, sweatshirts, a raincoat, underwear and t-shirts. Pack for the camp’s climate and comfort. Note that camps can be grungy places, meaning that clothing that don’t easily show stains or dirt are highly recommended.


Headgear includes items such as hair ties, bandannas, headbands, hats, etc. These items will keep the kid’s sweat and hair out of the face. Hats keep the sun out of the kid’s face as well as protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. Also remember to pack the kid’s prescribed contact lenses or glasses. Other headgear to pack includes swimming goggles, headlamps, and swimming goggles. Headlamps are important part of the nighttime activities.


Footwear to pack for your kid is such as sandals, water shoes, sneakers, crocs, socks, gumboots, and many others. Ensure to pack a couple of extra socks while at it. Remember, it is better for your kid to have many of these items than to run out.


You will need to properly read the information packet about the specific summer camp so as to learn what type of bedding items that need to be brought along. In general, you will need to pack bedding items such as sheets, mattress pad, bedroll, pillows, blankets, a sleeping bag, etc. Specific information packs from the camp should tell you what your kid requires and what they don’t where bedding items are concerned.

Miscellaneous items

These are items that don’t really fit into any specific category but that must also be packed for the camping excursion to be successful. These items include a camera (disposable types), magazines, books, writing paper, a flashlight with spare batteries, a laundry bag, a water canteen, a fishing pole, and many others. If the summer camp allows things such as digital cameras or phones, be sure to include a charging cable and additional SD cards to added storage capability for the camera.


These include all items to be used for toiletry purposes for example towels, insect repellent, a comb, a brush, baby powder, body wash, feminine hygiene items, deodorant, shampoo, lip balm, sunscreen, etc. Be sure to check what is recommended by the camp.

All in all, a lot of parents are worried about their kids being away from them. They are even overwhelmed by the number of items that they need to pack for their kids when they go away to summer camp. This leads them to wonder if they are packing too little or too much. Basically, the camping information booklet or package that was availed by the camp makes suggestions about what your kid needs and doesn’t when camping. Remember, it is always better for your kid to have too much than to have too little when going away for summer camps in Mississauga!

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