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What Should You Bring To A PA Day Camp?

Your kid’s school will soon have a PA day. What can this mean? It can mean exploring a whole new possibility of attending a PA day camp. Knowing that his peers will be there will definitely make him feel excited about it. Well, as a parent, you also have that same feeling although at the back of your mind, there are some doubts as to whether you should allow him to go or not.

It will always be good to give him some time to try a whole new adventure through these camps. You have to remember that he will learn much from the experience. Give him time to explore his surroundings and to be part of activities that he has never tried before. In order to make the entire experience even better for him, you have to take note of what he needs to bring on the day of the camp. With PA day camps, it will be good to bring the following things.



With PA day camps, kids can be out in the wild exploring their surroundings. This makes the camp a great way to know what he has been missing all his life whilst he is confined to learning inside the home and the classroom. In line with this type of camp, you are reminded to pack appropriate clothing for your kids. Remember that the clothes they actually wear can affect their mood during the camp. It is imperative for them to bring warmer clothes during the winter and more comfortable, cottony clothes during summer.


Every activity in the camp is exciting and whilst your kids are having fun they can also get thirsty during the day. Some camps may provide several bottles of water for all campers but if you want to make sure that your kids will be hydrated as they enjoy the fun with their friends, you have to make sure they have bottles of water ready for drinking or for any other purpose with which water will be needed later on.


Again, people sponsoring camps may already have some food provided for the kids. Others already include food in the registration fee. Just the same, just to make sure, you must always be ready with extra food for your kids. Some camps can last up to the early hours of the evening, others overnight even. You do not want your kids feeling hungry during the duration of the camp.


This can be used to pay for the registration fee for the camp if you opt to let him join paid camps. Some camps are being run through free-will donations and when this is the case, the camp will be free except of course that your kids are expected to bring in all that they need including materials for arts and crafts that may be incorporated in the activities for the camp.

Art materials and the like

Some PA camps go way beyond than just allowing your kids to enjoy their surroundings. There are camping facilitators who will be more specific as to the activities in store for your kids during the day. There can be arts and craft lessons whilst some others include games that will certainly work to your kid’s fun and enjoyment. If your kids are assigned to bring specific materials for these activities, make sure you have included them in their bags.

What you will bring to PA day camps in Mississauga will all depend on where you have chosen your child to celebrate PA day with. Do a pre-camp check at least a few days before the camp’s date to make sure you have not missed out on anything.

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