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Top 6 Questions To Answer Before Selecting Day Camps In Mississauga

Day camps in Mississauga offer a lot of fun activities to kids of all ages. They offer more than just learning to paddle a canoe or shoot an arrow to kids camping within. They provide opportunities for kids to learn how to get along in a community setting, become responsible and independent from their parents. Unfortunately, the selection of a day camp that best suit your kid needs can be a difficult task for most parents. But it all comes down to knowing about the different options available.

Quite a number of day camps have structured programs and schedules that offer more flexibility where daily activities available are concerned. Others promote competition and rivalry among the camp members, while others encourage cooperative sorts of learning. Some camps are best suited for first-time campers while others offer more wilderness and adventure-kind of activities, and which are best suited for veteran campers.


What are the best day camps for your kid?

Parents need to search for camps that best suit their kid’s interest and personality. So it is important to first determine which among the camps fit best. But if your kid has never been to day or summer camp, or you have recently moved to a different state you know very little about, you might not know the best camps near you. The best way find out about the best camp to opt for is to ask some questions prior to its selection. Here are some of the best questions to ask before choosing a day camp for your kid in no order of importance.

What is the camp’s cancellation policy?

When parents make plans to have their kids in summer or day camps, they do so in good faith. While your child is looking forward to having the best possible camping experience, nobody can guarantee incident free camping plans and experiences. When these incidents do occur, plan change is unavoidable. Although you might be required to pay a part of the fee for cancelation, there is no need to pay for something your child can’t attend.

What should be the trainer to child ratio?

You want to make sure that your kid is properly supervised while they are away at a day camp. The recommended ratios where staff to kids in an overnight camp is concerned are as flows:

• For kids aged 7to 8 years – 1:6

• For children aged 9 to 14 years – 1: 8

• For kids aged 15 to 18 years – 1: 10

Day camp ratios are slightly different:

• For campers in age 6 to 8 year range is 1: 8

• Kids in aged 9 to 14 years – 1: 10

• For age 15 to 18 years – 1:12

Camps that cater for special need kids have a lower staff to camper ratio.

Does the camp have an emergency evacuation preparedness plan in event of a natural disaster?

There is no staff member or even camp owner who can guarantee to your kid that the camp will be sunny and warm throughout his stay. You will want to know how the selected camp addresses natural emergencies such as flooding, tornadoes, etc.

What are the medical services available on site?

A camping site, especially an overnight type, must have a licensed doctor or nurse on site to cater for medical emergencies. Day camps must have a direct phone access for contacting licensed medical personnel when need be. The personnel in a camp must have trained in CPR and first aid. It is important to discuss your kid’s medical needs with the camp staff prior to leaving her or him under their care. Because your child’s well-being and health are of utmost importance, you will want to make sure that the selected camp is able to properly meet the kid’s needs.

Will the kids be transported out of the camp for any reason?

You will want to know if after leaving your kid in the camp venue they will be transported out of the camp for any reason. If they are, then you will want to know the type of vehicle they will be transported in and the kind of insurance carried for them. Apart from this, you will want to know if the driver driving them is properly trained and the kind of license they have. Remember also to ask how often these vehicles are inspected.

The above are just but a few questions you will want to ask the camp management when trying to find the most appropriate day or summer camp for your kid. Although your kid may have all the fun while in a day camp, you want him or her to be safe and in hands of properly trained child care takers. Getting answers to these questions will help set your mind at ease about your kid’s safety and well-being.

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