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How Would Your Teenager Define The ‘Best Birthday Party Ever’?

Planning a birthday party for your kids can be really tricky, and even more so if they are in their early teenage years. Most parents find their teens so hard to please and while you may have been a super mom in your child’s pre-teens, you will have to approach their teenage birthdays will a little more caution. Here are a few pointers on still throwing the best birthday party ever, for your teenager.

Keep things classy please


The fact that your child is a teenager does not mean that they are automatically attracted to scandals. So if you decide to go for a theme, the likes of Playboy Mansion are off limits regardless of how old that child is turning. Teenagers do not want to associate their parents with negative connotations, so keep it classy. Always make sure that the theme for the birthday has the approval of your child.

Don’t splurge unless you can afford to

Emptying your child’s college fund to throw them a birthday party is obviously not a good parenting decision. Kids love to know that they have a parent who is willing to go out of their way to make sure that they get the kind of birthday party that they will remember for long. But if it is going to cost you an arm and a leg, be sure your child will not be too happy to hear that you are broke and it’s their fault. Well, it won’t really be their fault, but they have their own way of seeing things.

Does your child have any special requests

Has there ever been a time when you just wanted to spend your birthday at home with a good movie and some hot chocolate? Well, this will probably never happen to your teenager. However, they may have a specific wish for their birthday. It could be a road trip with friends, or a gift card to their favorite boutique, or perhaps a party in a certain location. It pays to know what your teenager wants before you start running around on a quest that may not even be appreciated.

They need some good food

Never plan a birthday party for teenagers without planning to serve them some real food. Teenagers generally have impressive appetites and while some of them may have already started taking up diets, you need to make sure that they have food. If the food is good, you kids can be sure to pull the crowds every time you throw a party.

The power of coffee will surprise you

You may not really appreciate how kids love coffee until you see them going for refills. They may choose booze over coffee anytime, but you are not about to serve them alcohol, are you? So make sure you have the best coffee you can find, and give them a variety of flavors to pick from. Some of them will actually sample everything.

Give them space to mingle with their friends

As much as your children love you, they do not want you hovering around them during a party. They will love you better if you just keep off and only show up when they need you, which is not likely at all during the party. So how about you take time off while they are busy partying, and do something for yourself. After all, it is a big day for you too.

Birthday parties are meant to be fun, and even more so if you won’t have to deal with the clean-up. This is why you should consider throwing birthday parties in Mississauga at an outside venue. Your teenagers will appreciate the change of environment too!

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