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How To Prepare Your Child For His First Summer Camp

Summer camp is an activity that you and your kids can look forward to. If it is your kid’s first time in this kind of endeavour, he will definitely need to get prepared for it. He has to be ready for the adventure that awaits him whilst you stay at home and enjoy your own kid-free time. But of course, as a parent, you also need to prepare your child for his first summer camp to ensure that he will really have a good time rather than a horrifying experience out of it.

Check the camp packing list

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Depending on who sponsors the summer camp, you will be given a camp packing list that includes all the things your child must bring along to the activity. The earlier you check this one the better it will be for you and your child. You will never want to do last-minute stuff from purchasing certain items to packing essentials that you might forget later on.

Feel relaxed

As a parent of a child who is a first-timer at summer camps, you will certainly have a lot of inhibitions. You become rattled about the endeavour and this can manifest even in your slightest gestures. When your child sees the tension, there is a tendency he will feel it as well and be tensed himself. Erase your worries and be positive always. Never nag whilst you pack. Don’t ever feel so worried about the entire thing.

Remember to pick older gears and clothes

Part of your being excited about this activity is making sure your kids get new clothes and gears that they can use for the entire duration of the camp. Whilst investing in new items can be a good idea at first, you have to remember that activities in a summer camp will just ruin these new clothes that you plan of purchasing. You will end up dismayed later on once you see gears and clothes that are no longer salvageable. Having a quality sleeping bag packed and some old towels, pillowcases and blankets will be good enough. You can reserve shopping for newer clothes for later.

It will be wise to ask help from your child

Even with your checklist on-hand, you cannot avoid to forget certain essentials that your child needs for summer camp. This is why it will be good to get a hand from your child in the packing process. He can remind you of things you have missed out on and at the same time, he will be able to know exactly what you have placed inside his bag and where each item has been placed. This can also be a good way to practise him when it comes to packing. Remember he has to do all that stuff by himself before he comes home.

Have some extras

You can commit a mistake by packing the exact number of clothes, socks and underwear that you think will be just right for the entire duration of the summer camp. This is your way of making sure that there is not too much to wash later on when he gets home. Whilst some camps may have laundry stations, you cannot be sure of the condition right where the camp is. It is better to be safe than sorry as always thus it will be good to put in some extra socks, underwear and shirts in the bag.

Choose a bag that your child can easily carry

There is too much to pack and you tend to make sure the bag can carry enough of the items that need to be in there. Well, you have to consider the age of your child who is going to that activity and make sure he is capable of carrying the bag himself. He can always ask help from others, you presume but if you want to teach him confidence and independence even before he goes to summer camp, it will always be best to introduce him to responsibility early on. Duffel bags made from lightweight materials will be ideal. These are roomy and can even be easily squeezed in under a bunk bed.

Prepare him emotionally for the camp

It is his first time and part of your worry is for him to be able to adapt to the new environment even if it means the activity will last for only a couple of days or so. You have to prepare him emotionally for it. Start by teaching him basic chores and managing hygiene all by himself. It will also be good to ask his opinion about his expectations of what will happen after the activity. If you will be given the chance to have a camp preview day then you must go to one. This will give you and your kid a better picture of camp life and community bonding.

Ready to let your child attend a summer camp? Why not try our summer camp in Mississauga? You can rest assured that we will give your child a wonderful experience even if it is his first time!

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