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How To Keep Kids Happy During Winter Camps

Winter camping may not be as popular as a summer camping, but it can still be fun. This is especially because it is a different experience with way more challenges to overcome than summer camp. Winter can be a boring time for your kids, and keeping them indoors only makes it worse. At a winter camp, your kids get to enjoy the outdoor environment with their peers without having to face the risk of dying of boredom. Here are five ways to keep them really engaged at winter camps:


Keeping busy will keep kids from engaging in too much mischief while camping. This is why you’ll need a large array of books, puzzles and games as well as other outdoor activities that will keep them occupied for most of the time. By keeping these kids entertained, you will be giving them a sense of purpose for the camp. While they are there to bond and have fun, they need tools to do this. And these tools in your case include the games and books and outdoor activities. Without these, they will practically run wild trying to out prank each other.

Staying warm

Being cold is never a good thing, and even more in winter. This is why you always shave to ensure that you pack enough warm clothes for your kids when they’re going for winter camp. Since it could also rain, you want to ensure that they have good quality rain coats as well. You do not want them getting wet and running the risk of catching a cold out there. And by the way, you can never pack too many pairs of socks for winter camp.

Use the outdoors as a classroom


Winter is just an interesting a time in the outdoors as summer. This means that you cannot really expect your kids to just sit around a campfire all day reading or telling each other stories. They need to do some exploring, to check out the winter trees and plants, and observe nature. That is actually still the point of being in the outdoors, right? Learning is even more fun when the kids are in a new environment.

Campfire cooking

Have you ever tried teaching your kids how to cook at home? This always gets really messy and sometimes it is even hard to get them to join you in the kitchen. Campfire cooking is rather different. You do not have to fear making a mess, and neither will they. This means that you can all get creative and they can learn how to make some basic campfire meals. Just be careful so that no one gets burnt or nothing gets burnt.

Keep them actively participating

Camping trips are always full of lessons that your kids will cherish and even pass on to their kids in the future. And the best way to learn is by participating. If you are taking your kids to summer camp, let them partake in setting up the campsite by pitching a tent, laying the fire and even stripping up the tarp among other things. Generally, let your kids be active and feel useful all through the camp. This will make them want to come again.

These tips should help spend a great winter with your kids in the outdoors too. But in case you won’t be able to take them camping yourself, you can always enroll them for winter holiday camps to keep them from spending a boring winter in the indoors. At the camp, at least they’ll have the company of peers from the same age group and a lot of group activities to keep them occupied through the gloomy winter weather!

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