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Our birthday parties will be held at our new facility located at 2828 Kingsway Dr. #2 in the Clearview area close to Clarkson. We will be open starting March 3rd, 2020. 


Celebrate your child’s special day with us – the arts and crafts way! teddy bearLet us handle the details of planning, supplying and cleaning up while you enjoy the day with your child, family and friends. Party packages include 2 hours use of our facilities (private), craft of your choice (see options below) and games. Each of the younger kids parties include use of our Dress Up Center after the craft portion. Our Dress Up Center includes many princess dresses & superhero costumes. We also have games and activities planned to keep the kids busy and having fun.


1. Stuff a Bear Party

Cost: $320 plus tax for 10 kids. $18 for each additional child

Each child may choose his teddy to stuff (dog, cat, unicorn, bunny, dinosaur, monkey, koala, leopard & more). Each teddy comes with a colorful heart that can be inserted into the teddy as well as an adoption certificate. Outfits for the teddies may be purchased for $10 each. Plain T-shirts that can be decorated with fabric markers may also be purchased for $5 each.

Bunny Teddy Cat Teddy Dinosaur Teddy Panda Teddy Unicorn Teddy


2. Ceramic Painting

Cost: $270 plus tax for 10 kids. $15 plus tax for each additional child.

Each child may choose which piece they would like to paint from the birthday party choices (princess, cupcake, dog, cat, car, unicorn, penguin, turtle, panda, dinosaur & more)

Ceramic Dog Ceramic Turtle Ceramic Unicorn cupcakes


3. Lego Robotics

Cost: $270 plus tax for 10 kids. $13 plus tax for each additional child.

Kids will build a motorized model such as a race car, a recycling truck, a helicopter or can choose from other models.


4. Polymer Clay 

Cost: $270 plus tax for 10 kids. $15 plus tax for each additional child.

Using polymer clay, kids will build a character from a chosen theme. Items will be baked and ready to take home at the end of the party. Characters will be mounted on a stand.


  • Pokemon
  • Princess/Pirates
  • Shopkins
  • Superheroes
  • Arctic Animals (penguins & polar bears)
  • Forest Animals (fox, rabbit, owl & raccoon)
  • Dinosaurs


5. Clay Hand Building

Cost: $270 plus tax for 10 kids. $15 plus tax for each additional child.

Using tools & techniques, kids will build their own clay creations and will then add paint to them. Items can include cupcakes, snowmen, masks, bunnies, cats, penguins & dogs. Items will be fired in our kiln and will be ready 2 weeks after the party.



You may purchase our food package or bring your own. Our package is $55 plus tax and includes:

  • 2 large pizzas – 20 slices (cheese or pepperoni)
  • 1 juice box per child (apple & fruit punch)
  • Bag of plain chips
  • Plates, forks & napkins

*Table clothes are supplies for all parties


Party Extras

Extra Pizza

  • Large pizza (cheese or pepperoni) $13 plus tax                         Add $1 per topping
  • Party size pizza (cheese or pepperoni) $23 plus tax                  Add $2 per topping


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