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Lego Programs

Lego programs are offered in the fall, winter & spring sessions. Children will exercise their creativity, problem solving and team working skills during these programs. There are 8 classes per session. A class limit of 8 students for each class will apply to ensure adaquate help for each student. All of our Lego classes qualify for the new children's Art Tax Credit of $500 per child per year.


Fall Session   

Class Name


Class Day

Class Time



Learn to Build


1:00 to 2:00 pm

4 to 5

Sept. 20 to Nov. 15, 2014

Junior/Advanced Builder


2:15 to 3:15 pm

6 to 12

Sept. 20 to Nov. 15, 2014

Robotics - NXT


3:30 to 4:30 pm

9 to 14

Sept. 20 to Nov. 15, 2014



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Learn to Build (Ages 4 to 5)

This is an introduction to Lego Building for 4 to 6 year olds. Kids will learn basic building techniques while exploring different themes.

Cost: $129 plus tax.


Junior Builders (Ages 6 to 10)

Students will be introduced to robotics using the Lego Education WeDo platform where they will build motorized models such as animals, boats, planes, soccer players and more, then add movement & sound with fun, drag and drop software.

Cost: $129 plus tax.


Advanced Builders (Ages 8 to 12)

Students will build more complex motorized models using the Lego Education WeDo platform and Lego Technics. 

Cost: $129 plus tax.

Robotics (Ages 9 to 14)

Students will gain basic understanding of the Lego NXT Brick, its motors and sensors.  They will also learn STEM concepts and start writing small programs in NXT-G language to control the behaviour of their Robot. 

Cost: $149 plus tax.




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